they were all about Beau’s frosting tips, thank GOD they didn’t find this


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marry me


“Hello this is for Chelsea! I was talking to Alysha last night and she said what a huge help you were after her break-up. I am going through a huge break-up and I don't really know what to do. She gave me amazing advice last night but wondered if you had any advice for me :) I am sorry that this is not hockey related. So if it doesn't "fit" your blog it's okay!”


hey!!! aww i love her :) i went through a stupid break up last year and i remember thinking to myself “will i ever get over it” because he was my first boyfriend. and god’s honest truth is you will. you’re going to fall in love more than once, and you’re going to get your heart broken more than once. but everytime you fall down once, you’ve got to take 2 steps in order to stand up taller than the time before. i surrounded myself with people who truly care about me and my well being. i hung out with my friends and went out to parties and went to see movies, i listened to new music and watched new tv shows - i did things that made me happy and got my mind off of him. i lived my life just as i would have before. i made sure i had support and love from my friends and family - those are the only people you truly need in your life. the friends that walk out of your life are the friends that got lost along their way and were never meant to stick around. and thats ok, you live and you learn. thats what life is all about. your ex boyfriend was a friend who ended up leaving your life, and for a reason. you may not know what that reason is now, and you make not believe it or hell; even like it.. but that’s the truth and you’ll learn when the time comes. clearly he wasn’t meant to stick around in your life and as hard as it is to believe and hear, you know deep down that’s the truth. keep on doing you. keep doing the things you love to do. keep hanging out with your friends. keep watching movies and t.v shows. i can guarantee that you will still think about him and all the times you shared together and that’s ok too!! sometimes i still do - it creeps up on you. but that’s okay; that’s what happens. it was good while it lasted and now it’s over and now you just have to wait and look forward to the next experience life throws your way. :)


What a girl she is! LOVE HER <3

The NHL’s most attractive men:
Brayden Schenn, Philadelphia Flyers

but like why are you not in my bed?

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Jordin Tootoo gives away his stick (x)

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remember when they asked malcolm subban what he hates most about montreal and he said his brother

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My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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